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Delivery Schedule

Bridesign.com wedding flower orders will not be scheduled for delivery on a holiday; arrival will be scheduled for the next business day. Additionally, Acts of God, severe weather conditions, and states of emergencies can delay delivery beyond the stated delivery parameters.

A signature is required to accept delivery of your Bridesign.com wedding flower order. Because Bridesign.com wedding flowers are perishable, they need to be cared for immediately upon arrival.

Returns will only be accepted if your flowers arrive in poor condition and not for circumstances resulting from your negligence.

Your Bridesign.com Wedding Flowers will be delivered according to the following schedule. Please note that Orchid collections will arrive one day earlier.

Wedding Date Delivery Date
Sunday Previous Thursday
Saturday Previos Thursday
Friday Previous Wednesday
Thursday Previous Tuesday
Wednesday Previous Tuesday
Tuesday Previous Friday
Monday Previous Friday


The Bridesign.com Satisfaction Guarantee Policy promises the timely delivery of fresh, beautiful wedding flowers. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the freshness of the wedding flowers that are delivered, a replacement will be arranged through your Bridesign.com Wedding Flower Consultant at no cost to you.

Flower replacements will only be provided if the flowers arrive in poor condition.

Refunds will not be given for circumstances resulting from negligence after delivery.

We cannot issue refunds in the following cases:

Delays due to inclement weather, natural disasters and/or other "Acts of God". If Flowers are damaged due to a re-attempt delivery if the customer was not available at the time of first-time delivery.
Please make sure that there is someone available to receive your flowers.

Please remember that Rush orders cannot be cancelled or changed.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a call from your Bridesign.com Wedding Flower Consultant within 24 hours, excluding weekends, to confirm your Wedding and Delivery Dates.

About Flower Colors

Due to the variance in color on different monitors, screen tones and resolution, the flowers you receive may vary slightly in color from the image on your computer screen. Additional Terms and Conditions Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel your Bridesign.com order, please e-mail a written notification to weddings@bridesign.com We have specific timeframes in order to deliver the freshest wedding flowers in optimal blooming conditions. Therefore, we have established the following cancelation policies that you need to take into account: For Wedding Collections (not for Bulk items)
1) There is no fee if you cancel your order within 24 days prior to your delivery date.
2) If you cancel your order within 24 to 18 days to your delivery date, a fee corresponding to 50% of the total order value will be charged. No exceptions.
3) Since your wedding flowers are handpicked and prepared in advance for your wedding, if you cancel your order within 17 days to your delivery date, a fee corresponding to 100% of the total value of your order will be charged. No exceptions.

For Bulk Order items (not for wedding collections)
1) If you cancel your order of bulk flowers within 10 days to your delivery date, a fee corresponding to 100% of the total value of your order will be charged. No exceptions. New Orders and Rush Fees

Bridesign.com Wedding flowers should be ordered as early as possible to ensure the wedding flowers of your dreams; nevertheless Bridesign strives to fulfill all orders even if placed with short notices. If for any reason you are ordering your flowers very close to your wedding date, please keep in mind that Bridesign reserves the right to fulfill these depending on availability of flowers. We ask for at least 17 days to prepare your flowers and arrange your wedding bouquets to guarantee freshness and satisfaction. In case an order is placed with less than 17 days, rush fees may apply.

1) There is NO RUSH ORDER FEE for bulk flowers, but the flowers are subject to availability.
2) For Wedding Collections over 12 pieces (eg. 36-grand collection), there will be a $50 rush order fee if your delivery date is in LESS THAN 17 days.
3) For Wedding Collections with less than 12 pieces (eg: duo and 7-piece set), there will be a $25 rush order fee if your delivery date is LESS THAN 17 days.


1. Carefully unpack the flowers upon arrival.

2. Fill clean vases or containers with fresh water and flower preservative. Please follow the directions on the flower food container – too much flower food can do more harm than good!

3. Remove all leaves and foliage which will be under the water in the vase. Leaves in the water will rot, creating bacteria and shortening the life of the flower.

4. Cut your flowers in a diagonal direction, 1 inch off the base of each flower stem using a sharp knife or scissors. This will expose a fresh and wider surface of the stems to the water.

5. Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days or as needed.

6. Place the flowers in the water and please remember that some flowers can take up to 12 hours to hydrate properly after shipping.

7. Keep the flowers in a cool and well ventilated area--out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Keep flowers at temperature below 65 degrees but above freezing. The cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last.

8. Avoid placing flowers close to fruit or vegetables. We do not recommend storing your fresh flowers in refrigerators or walk-in coolers that are not specifically designed for the storage of fresh flowers.

9. Change the water every 2 to 3 days, or whenever the water appears discolored. When you change the water, we recommend you clean the vase and cut the stems again.

10. If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-349-2905 or email us at: weddings@bridesign.com

Caren & Hadleng

Caren & Hadleng

Caren & Hadleng

Caren & Hadleng

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