2 Piece Bridal and Groom Set: Lavender-Pink

Mini Callas
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You BriDesigner!
2 Piece Bridal and Groom Set: White-Green

Calla Lily and Stars of Bethlehem


First Things First: Congratulations on Getting Engaged!

There is nothing like deciding to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Getting engaged is a truly amazing experience and every bride should have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. That is where we come into play. Because flowers are such an essential part of a wedding, we want to make your experience of buying fresh wedding flowers online as smooth and easy as possible. We will help you choose the best flowers for your wedding and we will guide you every step of the way.

Wedding Flowers for Every Wedding Theme

From the vintage wedding to the contemporary and classic marriage celebration, we have a wide array of wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces that will beautifully complement not only your wedding decoration, but also the overall theme of your wedding day. Our selection of romantic flowers, modern wedding bouquets, traditional wedding centerpieces, among others, allows you to choose the flowers that will fit your wedding style, no matter how traditional or contemporary it may be. Whether you want roses, lilies, hydrangeas or carnations, our wedding floral designers are in constant search for the latest trends in wedding bouquets to bring you the perfect flowers that will complement your wedding theme and accompany you on your big day!

Affordable Bridal Bouquets that Fit Every Budget

From upscale orchids to versatile Peruvian lilies, our wide selection of wedding arrangements allows brides to choose the freshest flowers for their wedding without exceeding their budget. If you are a crafty bride, you can save on flowers even more by selecting our bulk flowers and making your own wedding arrangements. In the 40 years of experience we have delivering flowers throughout the United States, we experienced firsthand the satisfaction of brides when they DIY their wedding flowers. This allows brides to save money and create very unique wedding arrangements with a very personal, meaningful touch.

Whether you are having a small and intimate wedding or a big celebration, our flower farms have a wide range of bridal flowers available year-round so that you can order the flowers you want regardless of the season. Because our flowers are grown, nurtured and carefully selected in our farms in South America, you receive only the best and freshest flowers in a full-bloom state ready to be displayed during your wedding day. Additionally, since we bring these flowers from the flower fields directly to you the final cost of your wedding flowers is lower than other wedding florists.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Purchase of Wedding Flowers

We help each bride as if her wedding were the only one we tend to. From selecting colors to delivering fresh and beautiful wedding flowers at your doorstep, we strive to exceed our brides’ expectations; it is the least that our brides deserve. If the flowers you receive are not what you expected, we will contact one of our many partner local florists and replace them at no extra cost to you and on time for your wedding. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee assures that every single one of our brides will get married with the exact flowers she wants.

Fresh Wedding Flowers & Package Customization Services

Because every bride is unique, we offer a wide variety of customization services to any wedding-flowers collection, so that your choices are the perfect fit for you, your wedding theme and your wedding budget. Whether you want to include roses, mini callas, orchids or hydrangeas on your package of wedding arrangements, we will work with you to tailor the wedding package that meets your specific needs. These customization services are offered on a per-order basis, so we encourage you to contact one of our personal wedding flower planners; they will help you find the wedding arrangements that are perfect for you.

Happy Brides and Their Testimonials

Bridesign Wedding Flowers has had the wonderful pleasure to deliver over 5000 wedding flower packages throughout the United States. This has given us the experience and drive to provide your wedding arrangements. No wedding is too big or too small for us, and we are happy to work with our brides on a very personal basis so that our flowers match your preferences, wedding style and wedding budget. This constant dedication to our brides is reflected in their testimonials, which you can read here. Their positive feedback allows other brides to trust in our professionalism and it also gives us the motivation to continue delivering the freshest wedding flowers with an outstanding customer service, one flower at a time.

Because we want you to have a wonderful experience while you buy your bridal flowers online, we have created different social media profiles, so that you get a better picture of who we are and why we love what we do. We welcome you to visit our Facebook page, where you can find wedding planning tips, interact with other brides, and see pictures of our flowers in real weddings. Additionally, our Twitter page provides real time wedding planning information targeted to budget-savvy brides and our Pinterest page offers a robust source of wedding inspiration, from wedding cakes to wedding DIY projects.

Thank you for considering us. We hope that you join the thousands of brides who decided to have their dream wedding on a budget, without sacrificing quality.