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1. color

Decorate your day with the colors you love

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of flower

Choose symbols of your love with meanings specific to you

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Equip your special ladies with only the freshest flowers

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of tables

Delight family and friends with the beauty of your personal touch


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  • HOT item

    10 pc Rose White
    The symbolic beauty of the white rose is showcased best in an elegant bouquet. Conveying messages of respect while paying homage to new starts and hope for the future, the flower is a wonderful way to share sentiments of pure love and hope throughout formal ceremonies as well as less traditional ones.
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  • Testimonial

    I called Bridesign because I was having a major issue getting affordable flowers for my wedding in the Bahamas. Most place will not ship to the Bahamas and to import flowers from Nassau was going to be astronomical (one quote was for $750 for the bridal bouquet alone!).
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